How do I get rid of bloating?

If you are suffering from the problem of bloating, then there could be several reasons for it. Your best bet to get rid of the problem of bloating is to try and figure out why you are bloating in the first place. In all likelihood, it has something to do with the kind of food you are eating. Those who have a tendency to bloat are generally not very watchful of their diet. Check your diet. If your diet is rich in substances that cause bloating, then you need to get rid of them from your daily meals altogether. This would include legumes, simple carbohydrates and excessive sweets. Try to stay away from them. You should try to focus instead on substances such as fresh leafy green vegetables and fruits. You should also try to cut back on eating genetically altered food. Basically, when food has been genetically altered to become larger or heavier, it will transfer these very same qualities to the person consuming them. Try to stick to organic and natural food as much as you can. It is also advisable for you to stop eating meat for some time. This will also help to fight the bloating considerably.

Apart from a fat and gas causing substances free diet, you should also try to get in some amount of exercise. This will not only help to fight bloating, it will also help to release gas that may have collected in your body. This would help to reduce weight as well as bulk. Try to exercise first thing in the morning. This will have the maximum positive effect. If you can, try to get in a brisk walk. This is the best form of exercise and will help with working out your body from each and every angle. You must also try to increase your intake of water. Drinking at least about 10 liters of water daily will be very helpful to battle the problem of bloating. Keep in mind that aerated waters will only add to the problem. Juices that are not freshly squeezed will also add to your feeling of bloatedness. These will all contain preservatives and those are substances that will always help with increasing bloating. You should also always try to avoid eating beans if you are faced with this problem. This is because typically beans cause gas and large amounts of gas will almost always cause you to bloat.

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