Vertigo Symptoms And Causes: Can You Tell Me A Remedy For Vertigo Please?

It is essential that you be aware that vertigo is not a disease in itself, but rather, a symptom of one. The word itself actually means something as simple as spinning. If you are indeed suffering from vertigo, it is quite possible that you are getting the feeling that you are spinning, whirling, or moving. The truth is that you may actually not be moving at all. This disease may stem from a disturbed center of equilibrium in the human body. One other major reason fro suffering from vertigo is also that you may be feeling dizzy or unsteady because of the disturbance of your center of equilibrium. Check to see if you have had any internal injury in your ear to begin with. This could be a possible cause for suffering from vertigo. If this is the case, then taking care of the problem will automatically take care of the troublesome symptom of vertigo as well. You could try to adopt a few measures that will help tremendously to take care of the symptom of vertigo. All of them would basically involve shocking your senses into snapping out of your perceived condition. The first is to try and use smelling salts that have ammonia in them. This really hits the sense of smell hard and will right any feelings of shakiness at once. After you have smelled the salts, you can take a few deep breaths to make you feel better.

It is also considered to be very useful to eat citrus fruit or to be surrounded by citrus smells in order to take care of your symptoms. These fragrances and tastes keep the senses alive and vibrant and extremely alert as well. Another really quick fix is to drink ice water. This is supposed to be the fastest way to recover from the immediate problem of dizziness and shakes. It is also inadvisable to drink tea or coffee, or to even smoke if you suffer from vertigo. All of these substances contain caffeine, which makes anyone twitchy in any case. You are better off avoiding nerves if you are suffering from this problem. It is also advisable that you try to follow a proper course of Yoga to control your problem. Just ensure that you get a good instructor who knows and understands your problem. An old wives' tale dictates that if you eat sweet and salty food together you may experience vertigo more often.

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