Please suggest me a diet chart as I have gestational diabetes.

In case of gestational diabetes, you would have to be extremely strict with your diet. The Indian diet chart is extremely easy to follow. To begin with, you must remember to eat every two hours. This is extremely important in keeping your diabetes under control. You have to count your carbohydrate intake in order to remain well within your blood sugar level. This is because carbohydrates lead to the maximum amount of rise in blood sugar levels. To begin with, in the morning, you should have a breakfast of about 25 grams of carbohydrates and 25 grams of protein, 100 ml of milk. This would roughly translate into about a cup of milk, two slices of regular bread, or three slices of light bread, and one fat free cheese slice. You can replace the bread with wheat tortillas, and the cheese slice with an omelet made of two egg whites. Keep in mind that one regular, medium sized wheat tortillas is equal to one portion of carbohydrates (25 grams) and can be replaced for and with bread for any meal. Two hours after breakfast, you should have another cup of milk and a fruit, if you are hungry.

Lunch should be two portions of carbs, two of proteins, one of fruit and one of milk. So you can have a meal that is two wheat tortillas, a bowl of lentils or a boiled egg white, a bowl of yogurt or milkshake after the meal. Keep in mind that there is no limit to the amount of fresh vegetables you can have. But remember to stay away from starchy vegetables such as corn, potato and to some extent, peas as well. You must take a short stroll and rest post lunch, both of which are important for your health when you have diabetes. When you wake up, have one milk, one fruit and one carb portion. Here, you could have milk, or tea made with only milk, three unsweetened biscuits, or a light bread sandwich. Two hours after this, you should have dinner, which would be the same as lunch. Two hours after that, or about half an hour before bedtime, you must have a cup of milk and one fruit or one carb. If you are not too hungry, stick to a fruit. With each meal you have, try and eat a raw vegetable. You should also make small changes such as having food to which sugar substitutes have been added. Restrict yourself to two tablespoons of oil a day. This would include oil in cooked food, butter and ghee. Exercise daily, right up till labor.

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