Is it safe to treat a yeast infection with Diflucan if you think you're pregnant?

Yeast infections, caused by hormonal changes due to natural reasons, imbalances or external intake of hormones, consumption of certain medications, steroids and birth control pills, douching and even sexual intercourse. Pregnant women, especially those suffering from diabetes are more susceptible to yeast infections than other women and it is also more difficult to treat for them. This happens because of the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy as well as the increased amount of sugar being secreted in the vagina on which the yeast thrives resulting in growth of fungus. Yeast infections are characterized by a white of greenish-yellow discharge with a strange odor. This is accompanied by an irritation and redness of the vaginal lips and a burning sensation during intercourse and while urinating. There are several remedies for yeast infections. Diflucan is often prescribed for yeast infections, but it has been proven to be unsafe during pregnancy and should be avoided as far as possible. It is also advised to avoid these pills while you are breast-feeding since it gets excreted in the milk and is thus not good for your infant. You must consult your doctor before consuming these pills.

There are alternately, several effective home remedies for yeast infections. You should start by wearing cotton undergarments that are not ill-fitting and allow your skin to breathe. It is also important to practice good hygiene habits, washing and cleaning your genital area properly with a mild soap that does not contain irritating chemicals. Always wipe your genital area properly and ensure that you are completely dry. You should also follow a good hygiene ritual after using the toilette, taking care to wash and wipe properly from front to back after you urinate. If you exercise, swim, or practice any sports, you should always change out of the swimsuit or work-out clothing immediately afterwards, shower and dry yourself properly. Avoid douching and using deodorants, tampons or sanitary pads or even toilet paper which are perfumed or colored. You should also reduce your intake of sugar which provides the adequate environment for yeast growth. Instead you should increase your intake of yoghurt which provides the essential bacteria to balance out the growth of yeast in your vagina. Alternately you can also place a sanitary napkin soaked in yoghurt for a few hours. The vagina can absorb the good bacteria from the yoghurt and this helps in treating the yeast infection. Above all, ensure that you are drinking enough water and getting adequate rest so that your immune system is strong and your body is fighting fit.

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