How Can I Use Vinegar For Yeast Infections?

Yeast infections are basically fungal infections by a fungus and are medically known as candidiasis. The same fungus can affect several parts of the body including the mouth, but the term "yeast infection" is most often used to refer to an infection of the vagina. Common symptoms of such an infection are burning and itching of the vagina, and a general feeling of soreness.

Vinegar can be used to treat yeast infections, but you should be sure that it is indeed a yeast infection. Other infections of the vagina also have similar symptoms, and the treatment for these infections will be different. Some infections, including yeast infections, will in fact require medical treatment, especially when the infection is severe. In such a case, home remedies will not be effective enough, and antibacterial or antifungal medication may be needed.

For a mild infection, you can rinse the vaginal area with a solution of vinegar and water several times a day. Douching is sometimes effective, but should generally be avoided as it can often do more harm than good. In addition to this, you of course need to keep the area clean and dry at all times. Wash several times a day, and if possible, change underwear once during the day.

answered by G M

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