Advise on some treatment for dark circles?

Usually a sign of exhaustion, dark circles under the eyes are extremely unattractive and thus not desired. Sometimes another underlying medical condition or even hereditary factors can lead to dark circles. In order to get rid of dark circles it is imperative that you get adequate rest and reduce your stress levels. Yoga and meditation also help to reduce the stress and thus the dark circles. Apart the stress factor, inadequate intake of water and an unhealthy diet can also lead to dark circles, so you should ensure that you drink from 8 to 10 glasses of water daily and consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in essential nutrients. Vitamin K is beneficial for the eyes, so you should try and include food sources rich in Vitamin K in your daily diet. Apart from this, there are several simple natural techniques to get ready of dark circles.

You should avoid using commercial bleach on your face and near your eyes. Instead you should prepare face-packs prepared at home with natural bleach agents to help reduce the dark circles. An effective paste can be prepared at home using turmeric, soaked and ground lentils, tomato juice and lemon juice. You should apply this paste under your eyes and wash off with cold water when it has dried. A paste of nutmeg with milk can be applied under the eyes before going to bed to get rid of dark circles naturally. The juice of mint leaves applied on the eyelids and under the eyes has a soothing effect on tired eyes and also helps to reduce dark circles. Similarly cucumber juice also helps to soothe tired eyes and bring back the sparkle in them. A juice of potato and cucumber applied on the eyelids and under the eyes and washed off with cold water after it dries is beneficial for naturally lightening the dark circles. Tomato juice and lemon juice are natural bleach agents and thus you can apply a mixture of equal amounts of the two, under your eyes to get rid of the dark circles. Almond oil is also beneficial for the eyes and then skin and you should regularly massage the skin around your eyes with almond oil for 15 minutes. A classic home remedy for dark circles around the eyes is the tea-bag remedy. You should lie back and place two wet, cooled tea bags on your closed eyes. This soothes the exhaustion and reduces the dark circles. After this you can use a cotton ball soaked in rose water to wipe your face. Regularly following this routine can help to reduce dark circles.

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