Does consumption of lettuce help in reducing LDL cholesterol. If yes in what form should it be taken?

The consumption of any one thing will never help you to reduce high cholesterol levels of any kind. If you are attempting to reduce your cholesterol count, then you would have to make several changes in your dietary habits as well as your lifestyle in order to succeed. While it is true that consuming leafy greens as well as raw vegetables taken in the form of salad generally help to reduce high cholesterol levels, keep in mind that there is also more that you can try. In terms of diet, you can begin by with eating a large bowl of salad with each meal. Make sure you do not use dressing, as this would generally take away from the attempt to eat healthy food. Salad can comprise of plenty of lettuce as well as mixed vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber, radish, carrots, boiled beans or beetroot. Try to avoid seasonings as they are high in salt. Salt leads to water retention, which adds to your weight. You should also stay away from croutons. Use a yogurt based dressing. This will work best in your case. For meals, stick to grilled food, as opposed to fried or sauted stuff. Try to avoid red meat altogether if you can. This will make a difference not only in your weight, but also will reduce your cholesterol count. Remember that you are not just losing weight, you are also shedding cholesterol, since both work simultaneously.

In order to take care of a high cholesterol count, you must also make it a point to exercise on a daily basis. Yoga would be the best option for a person in your position, since the exercise is gentle enough not to overly tax your clogged arteries and strong enough to show excellent results. The only thing is that it will take time. So remember to be patient and continue relentlessly, adding to your minutes spent on Yoga each day if possible. If you want, you can also go walking, this would also work positively for you. Swimming is also a recommended exercise for cutting back on cholesterol. However, before you start swimming you must make it a point to check with your doctor if it is acceptable for you to do so. Remember that you will have to adopt these measures as a part of your daily lifestyle and routine. Otherwise, it will become difficult for you to control your cholesterol problem.

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