How do I know if my 1 yr old has worms for sure?

One of the oldest ways of determining whether or not a child has worms in the stomach is to see how much she eats and then check whether she is also gaining weight in accordance with that. This is one symptom that will give it away at once. Another is a craving for sugar at all times. An old wives' tale dictates that children who have worms in their stomach will grind their teeth while sleeping at night. There is also a lot of truth to this. But you need to keep in mind that one of these symptoms alone cannot determine the presence of stomach worms it would have to be a combination of two or all that would tell you for sure that your one year old has worms. In any case, you are better off consulting with your pediatrician about this problem. For a child so small, it is better not to take any chances and leave things to home remedies alone. You should make sure that you try to get the child proper treatment as well. Home remedial measures may help the treatment along, but may not really be able to resolve the problem completely.

There are several useful remedies which can help to remove worms at home. Organic vinegar is only one such remedy to get rid of worms. Give the child half a teaspoon of organic vinegar with a half cup of warm water. This is sure to kill any worms. Garlic is also an excellent remedy that worms will die after being exposed to. Give your child garlic paste each night before bedtime. You will notice a change within a week. Coconuts take care of stomach worms of all types. You can make thick coconut porridge for your child. This will also be tasty so that you will not have such a terrible problem feeding it to the child. Boil grated coconut with milk till it turns thick. Cool this down and feed the child. Using this remedy, worms will get passed out of the body painlessly. You can also give as much as you want to the child, as it will not cause any kind of harm or indigestion. Another highly effective remedy is to give the child a teaspoon of warm castor oil before bedtime. This can be chased down with some warm milk too. But avoid doing this too frequently or it may also cause diarrhea.

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