My dad is having severe burning sensation in feet. He feels relaxed after rubbing for sometime. He gets into numbness feeling in toes. Please suggest medicine and remedy.

The severe burning sensation of the feet is also known as the Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome. It would actually surprise you to know that this is an extremely common phenomenon and generally occurs to people over the age of 50 years who also are troubled with diabetes. It is so named after the two scientists were responsible for medically defining the disease. Classic symptoms of this medical condition are severe burning and stinging of the feet. a general ache and pain that feels like something heavy has been placed on the foot all the time is also strongly felt. For most part, this is usually felt the most strongly on the soles of the feet. But it can also affect the fingers and the top part of the foot. It would completely depend upon how strongly you are affected with the problem. In some rare cases, all the symptoms mentioned above are also accompanied with some amount of redness and swelling. For your general information, you should also be aware that it is commoner among women than men. It is also good to know that sometimes, there may also be excessive sweating of the feet, ankles and calves. However, this is relatively rare.

Unless you are already aware that your father is suffering from diabetes, you should get this factor eliminated from your list of things to do. You should know that it is best to get your father examined by a doctor quickly, as this syndrome needs proper treatment. Tests would need to be conducted to determine the reason this is happening, since it is more symptomatic than anything else. Rather than depending upon home remedies to cure the problem altogether, you are advised to take a proper discourse of treatment, which would have to be followed. For temporary relief, like rubbing the feet, which is giving your father relief from the burning sensation, you can also use cold packs. When dipped in ice, his feet will also not suffer from the most severe of the burning and pain. You can also apply calamine lotion to your father's feet to provide relief from the intense burning. This will also help to provide cooling relief. Alternately, calendula may also be used for the same purpose. You can also apply a mixture made of powdered sandalwood and rose water for relief as well as any topical curing that may be required. Try these remedies for instant effect, but he will need medication for a cure.

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