My father is 65 years old; he is suffering from jaundice at the level of 22, which was diagnosed yesterday. Please advise what the necesary remedy

If 22 is your father's bilirubin reading, it is extremely high. It is inadvisable for you to try and cure him simply using home remedies only. You would have to go in for a proper medical course of treatment for him as well. Anything you use at home will only help to cure him more effectively, since it will be only an addition to the treatment. Since your father is also at an advanced age, it is inadvisable to take any chances. You should know that the liver is considerably weakened when a person is suffering from jaundice. At his age, a weak liver could lead to further complications which are not worth the risk at all. Once he has embarked upon a course of medicines, start with also using home remedies to help him get better soon. The first thing you can do is to start boosting his immunity. This can be done by taking a daily dose of Indian gooseberry. This is easily available at any store that sells natural or organic goods. This will help to improve his immunity greatly. You can also give him a daily dose of Echinacea if you cannot find Indian gooseberry. This will also help in the same way.

On an empty stomach, you can give him a glass of tomato juice freshly taken out. This is known to be extremely useful in curing jaundice. You can also make it a point to always give him only boiled food. It is better to avoid meat, since it is not generally easy to digest. The only thing that can be given is chicken soup, which has excellent healing properties and is also very nutritious. Red meat is to be completely avoided. Another thing you can make sure he gets a lot of is sugar cane juice. This is considered to be extremely helpful in helping the liver to recover rapidly. He can have about two to three glasses a day. Adding lime juice and rock salt to it will also be very useful. Bitter gourd juice can also be given to him for quick and effective recovery, but make sure that his levels of bilirubin lower a bit before you give this to him, as his weakened system may not be able to take it in. it is also essential that your father get plenty of rest and relaxation. This is the most important thing in recovering from any prolonged illness like jaundice.

answered by G M

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