What are some of the home remedies if a person is suffering from stomach pain during jaundice?

One of the commonest symptoms of jaundice is stomach aches. You should know that these are not stomach aches in the first place. They are actually liver pains and you can feel them in the abdominal region. This is the reason they feel like stomach aches. The only thing you can do for anything in jaundice is stick to a very strict routine of diet and rest. Because you will find that there are several other painful as well as annoying symptoms that accompany jaundice. In order to take care of yourself well, you should eliminate all oil from your diet. This will be of the maximum help. Oil will only worsen your condition and may also lead to further liver complications in the future. Keep in mind that the liver is a delicate organ and it is under tremendous pressure when you are suffering from jaundice. Another thing you must absolutely avoid is taking turmeric. This will also not help you when you are suffering from jaundice. Although turmeric always helps out with all other diseases, it will fail where jaundice is concerned. You should eat only boiled food. All boiled food should also be preferably pureed. This is especially important if you are in the initial stages of the disease. At this time, your body is barely able to digest anything at all. You may find that you are unable to keep much down. Boiled food will be easily digested and will stay in your body as well. Pureeing it or having it in soup form will only give your digestive system one less task to complete.

Even water has to be boiled before consumption. Even if you are drinking bottled water, it is essential that you boil it before drinking. It is better to be safe than sorry with a disease like jaundice. Try to have freshly squeezed sugarcane juice if possible. This is very useful in the cure of jaundice. If your stomach ache persists beyond a week or so, it is essential you go back to your doctor. There may be another complication. It is important that you do not neglect this, as it may cause irreparable harm to your liver. In order for a better and faster recovery, it is also important that you follow a regular routine of exercise. Exercise helps to give a boost to your immunity and will help your body fight back better and more effectively.

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