Please recommend a home remedy for sinusitis.

The lining of the sinus passage has membranes that secrete mucous, which is normally drained through the nasal passage. A sinus infection may interrupt and obstruct this drainage due to which there can be congestion and a swelling of the cavity. The swelling generally occurs in the region surrounding your nose and can often cause headaches, colds and fevers. In some cases sinus congestion may also be caused as an allergic reaction. There are varied numbers of ways in which sinus congestion and infection can occur. Sinus problems are most often triggered by an allergy to something that is present in the air or to a type of food in our diet. Environmental conditions and weather changes can also trigger sinus congestion.

For any sinus treatment to be effective it is important to accurately diagnose the cause. Going on a water fast or on a minimal liquid diet for a brief period can help to this end. If the allergen or trigger is present in your food there will be instant relief and you can easily identify the trigger by gradually resuming your normal diet, with the addition of only a few foods to your daily diet at a time.

There are plenty of natural home remedies for sinus congestion that are extremely effective and can help you cope with sinus problems.

Garlic and ginger are among the most potent and effective of herbal remedies. Chewing on a clove of garlic or on some pieces of freshly cut ginger can help provide relief from your sinus condition.

Elderberry, thyme and peppermint are just a few other useful herbal remedies for sinus congestion.

Herbal teas like anise, fenugreek or sage can also help relieve your symptoms so try to have at least one cup daily.

Aroma therapy and steam inhalation are regarded as the most effective natural remedies for sinus congestion and provide instant relief. You can either do a simple steam inhalation or you can add a few drops of peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil to the basin of water that you are using for the steam inhalation.

Light exercise can also help significantly as the release of adrenalin results in a constriction of blood vessels, which can cause a reduction of swelling in the sinus.

You can also apply a hot compress or warm cloth or towel to your face, over the eyes and cheekbones to help relieve the symptoms.

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