What kind of food shall I take to reduce my platelet count? My PLT count is 450.

The normal platelet count or PLT ranges from a hundred and fifty thousand to four hundred and fifty thousand per mm³ or micro liter. When you say that your PLT count is 450 I assume that you mean four hundred and fifty thousand, which is by no means above the normal. Moreover these limits are based on the 2.5th lower and upper percentile, which means that neither the upper or lower limits are absolute. Mild deviations are not symptomatic of any disorder and are not a cause for worry. Generally counts of over seven hundred and fifty thousand are considered serious and require medical intervention.

A high platelet count can be either reactive or primary thrombocytosis. This condition often shows no symptoms, and this is particularly true in cases where it is a secondary reaction. Thrombocytopenia or thrombopenia and thrombocytosis may also imply coagulation problems. Thrombocytosis may also lead to thrombosis, but this mainly occurs when the elevated platelet count is caused by a myeloproliferative disorder.

While the production of platelets occurs in the bone marrow, they the spleen is responsible for its removal from the blood. Platelet levels in the blood are therefore regulated by the functioning of these two organs in conjunction. Increased bone marrow production or a decrease of spleen action can therefore cause an abnormal increase in platelet levels. Thrombocytosis may occur as a temporary response to some change in the body's chemistry, it could also be a reaction to a disease or disorder present in another part of the body and it could also be symptomatic of an underlying disease afflicting the bone marrow. Treatment of the condition therefore requires medical intervention. Home remedies are not an option and you would need to consult a doctor to get the condition diagnosed accurately so that the cause can be identified and treated.

A gluten free diet can also help to normalize blood count levels. A gluten free diet is generally prescribed as part of the treatment for celiac disease. Gluten is a protein complex that is present in wheat, and to a lower extent in rye. This property is what gives dough its viscid property enabling it to retain gas when it rises. Barley, oats, or maize has no gluten content. Gluten is basically a combination of two proteins, glutelin and gliadin. Under such a diet you would need to eliminate your intake of foods that are rich in gluten like wheat, rye, oats, beans, cabbage, turnips and cucumbers.

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