My husband has been detected with Jaundice, his bilirubin count is 7.40 (3.20 is Direct) and his SGPT count is 2210, SGOT is 2200 and ALKALINE PHOSPHATE count is 380. Would like to know how serious it is and what is the remedy for the same.

Like all other problems, your husband's case of jaundice is decently advanced. It is essential that you follow the prescribed medical procedure that is recommended for his jaundice. If you have been to doctors who have provided you with so much information, it is certain that you must have also got a proper method of treatment prescribed for your husband. Apart from following the treatment, there are also a few changes you can make that will ensure your husbands speedy recovery. But before anything else, you should know that jaundice is a disease that is quick to catch on and extremely slow to leave. Also, you will need to continue with things such as applying restraint in eating habits and so on well after your husband's bilirubin count has returned to normal. It is also important for you to know that jaundice is a problem of the liver and a weak liver needs to be treated very efficiently and accurately. If left alone, lack of proper treatment of any disease associated with the liver can actually result in long term damage and worsen the patient's condition too. And a problematic liver can cause life long health problems.

To begin with, you must ensure that your husband eats only food that is boiled. You may add a pinch of salt and pepper to it, but that is the extent of spice that is allowed with liver problems. Essentially, you would need to ensure that his digestive system be strained as little as possible. Tomato juice is an excellent remedy for speeding up the cure of jaundice. A glass had each day will help to improve the patient's condition speedily. Your husband may also have plenty of sugar cane juice. This is particularly useful in taking care of the liver. But make sure you get fresh juice. It is not advisable for your husband to have canned sugarcane, or juice made of canned sugarcane. This will contain preservatives which stand the chance of worsening his situation. You can also add a bit of lime for spices. This will perk up the taste of his food a bit! You can also ensure that while he has limited carbohydrates, there are enough to keep him healthy. It is also essential that your husband get plenty of rest. This is essential with all liver diseases. Lack of rest can not only hamper recovery, it can also slow down the healing process.

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