Remedies To Get Rid of Burning Sensation from Jalapeno Peppers: How do I stop a Jalapeno pepper from burning my hands?

For immediate relief from the burning and stinging sensation in your hands caused due to handling jalapeno peppers, you should submerge your hands in ice water and keep them there for a few minutes at a time. This will provide immediate relief, and though it will be temporary, the ice water will feel very good to your burning hands. Fro more cooling, you can actually use only rose water to which ice cubes have been added. This will make the burning stop at once and will also provide cooling relief to your hands. For a more healing method that will also work towards curing the burning sensation in your hands, apply a thick layer of olive oil to your hands. Olive oil has the property to heal as well as soothe and will go a long way towards helping to heal your hands. You would have to leave this on for about a couple of hours. However, if you notice that the burning has not receded within a few minutes, wash your hands with soap and then re apply the olive oil. It is essential you get most of the peppers out of your hands before the olive oil can actually start working.

Milk and milk cream are also known to soothe your burning hands in such cases. You can chill the milk and cream before you dip your hands in it and keep for at least about 15 minutes. An excellent alternative to using chilled cream is to use clarified butter. Make your own, which will ensure that the butter is fresh and will work better. Melt sweet cream unsalted butter (also known as white butter) till it clarifies and then use. For better healing, you can also add turmeric powder to these products and then apply them. You can also add turmeric powder to the milk while soaking your hands. Turmeric powder has amazing healing as well as anti septic powers that will help you a lot. Another pack you can make and apply to your hands is a mixture of sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and rose water. Applying this mix to your hands will help you as well. Over ripe bananas which have been mashed with cream can also be used to apply and keep on your hands. This will help you with healing. Do keep in kind that before touching any kind of chilies and peppers, coat your hands generously with oil so the spice does not penetrate skin.

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