How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Be A Remedy For Peptic Ulcer?

There is no proper scientific evidence or research that shows a connection between consumption of apple cider vinegar and the treatment of peptic ulcers. However, it is good to know that apple cider vinegar can be used as a remedial measure for almost anything. This is because it has too many healing properties to recount and a tablespoon diluted with water will work as an excellent general tonic. But you should be careful not to overdo your consumption of this product in any case.

In order to cure peptic ulcers, however, there are many simple remedial measures you can use at home. The most effective and commonly used one is castor oil. An excellent laxative, this is also used to provide relief when a person is suffering from extreme acidity caused by peptic ulcers. For immediate relief, a glass of warm milk can be had with two teaspoons of castor oil added to it. Milk has the natural property of soothing the irritated lining of your stomach. Castor oil will form a layer of protection on the lining thereby not allowing any further irritation to be caused. Another excellent and ridiculously simple way to take care of acidity is to drink at least 15 glasses of water a day. Excessive water will work towards diluting the acid to a large extent, thus providing relief as well. Cold liquids are especially helpful in taking care of peptic ulcers. Cold milk, in particular, is the most highly effective treatment for taking care of hyper acidity. You can also have cold milk shakes and smoothies which will take care of your situation to a very large extent. Fruits are also considered to be great neutralizers of excessive acid formations in the stomach. Concentrate specifically on apples and bananas which are particularly useful in treating hyper acidity. Among vegetables, carrots and cabbage are excellent remedies to take care of your condition. You can have both these vegetables raw or else in juice form. Make it a point to have them chilled, whichever way you want to have them. It is essential you avoid smoking since this will always have a negative effect on your system, and it will generally aggravate your acidity. You should also avoid consuming fried and spicy food, which will tend to aggravate your condition too. Caffeine and all its sources should be stayed away from as well. Aerated drinks are also a no-no, as they will only serve to make things worse.

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