I Am Going Through Terrible Menopausal Bleeding. Niranjan Phal Really Helps Me. How Long Can I Take It Without Any Risk?

Niranjan phal is also called the China fruit for some reason, despite the fact that it actually grows wild in India. The primary property of the fruit of the niranjan plant is that it acts as a blood coagulant. For excessive bleeding, it is highly recommended, particularly when there seems to be no other way to stop the bleeding. For heavy menopausal bleeding, it seems to be the ideal solution, since there is no other method you can employ to control the blood. However, it is always advisable to consult an Ayurvedic doctor who will be able to guide you better as to the side effects of taking China fruit for too long. If you are spacing your intake out, like you say you have it for a week once a month, and this week is presumably the one when you have your period, then there should be no problem attached to your taking it. However, if this goes on for over six months, then it could pose to be a problem.

Excessive coagulation of blood does not only slow down blood flow during the menstrual cycle. It can also slow down the flow of blood circulating all over your body. This is certainly not a good thing to happen, even if it does happen only a once a month. In order to continue with a blood coagulant, even if it is totally natural and herbal in nature, you should get a medical opinion. Only a doctor can tell you how safe it is for you to continue China fruit for such a long period of time. For excessive menopausal bleeding, there are also several other remedies available which can help you considerably. These may also not have any serious side effects that you might have to contend with. You should ask your doctor and examine other possibilities as well.

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