Cure for swollen taste buds

Taste buds are really so small that they would have to be see through a microscope to be properly observed. If they are swollen, then you can be assured that your son has suffered from a serious injury which has caused this swelling. Taste buds are too many to count and see individually. Since they reside on the tongue in clusters, it is possible that a whole cluster of taste buds is swollen. If the taste buds on the sides and back of the tongue are swollen, then the tastes of bitterness, sourness and saltiness are probably missing from your son's life at present. But there is nothing to worry about where this problem is concerned, since it can be taken care of quite easily. The first thing you would have to do is figure out why it has occurred in the first place, and there can be many reasons for this particular ailment.

Sometimes a burn with hot food can cause this to happen. In this case, you would need to feed him soft and cold foods like ice cream and milkshakes for some time. This will not only provide relief, it will also help not to aggravate the burns. It is also possible that your son has mistakenly bitten his tongue. This can also sometimes cause the problem of swollen taste buds. You would simply have to wait for a while to let this pass. Meanwhile, he can chew on ice chips to make him feel better. Applying plain glycerin on the swelling will also help to make him feel better. Just make sure he does not swallow it - it can be applied, left for a while and spat out. Sometimes, a common allergic reaction can also cause this to occur. In this case, you must consult a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

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