Information regarding double pneumonia and cocaine

Yes cocaine abuse is associated with pneumonia. Besides his age can be the contributing factor along with it. Although he has low immunity to the medications, don't stop them. You have to try your best to save your friend and be his support. Also keep the following points in mind:

  • He should get adequate rest. Sleeping is considered best ask him to lay low. If he feels bored then get some books or magazines or listen to music or prefer watching television. This will help to keep his mind diverted. Avoid any kind of stress, emotional too.
  • Increase water intake, you can also give him fruit juices or electoral water for strength. Fluid should be emphasized especially if the patient has high temperature.
  • Prefer having a humidifier in the room. A humidifier would not only soothe the irritated lung tissue but also increase moisture in the room and make breathing easy.

answered by Dr S

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