Earache Home Remedies for Infants and Adults

Earaches are generally caused by problems in the outer ear, which includes the region from the earlobe to the eardrum or because of problems in the middle ear or the region behind the eardrum. At time, earaches can also be caused by dental problems or problems in the throat, like tonsillitis. Infections of the outer ear or otitis externa usually occurs after swimming and is therefore often referred to as swimmer's ear.

Infections of the inner ear and eardrum are called otitis media, and the condition very commonly affects infants and children in the age group of six months to two years, but can also affect adults.

Any earache that is severe and lingers on for an unusually long period of time requires medical attention. An accurate diagnosis for conditions like otitis media, otitis externa can only be made by a doctor. There are also lesser known causes of earaches and non infectious conditions that would be impossible to diagnose at home. Besides this making a self diagnosis can often be a dangerous thing to do. Any infection responds to treatment and heals more effectively if diagnosed and treated early while delaying treatment can worsen the condition.

There are a number of home remedies that you can use to alleviate the symptoms. Zinc is believed to be quite important to the treatment of any ear infection. Putting a few drops of warm onion juice in the affected ear is also believed to be quite effective and has been a commonly used practice traditionally. Olive oil is also regarded as another effective natural remedy for earaches. Another popular remedy involves the use of garlic and mustard oil. You can heat a little mustard oil with garlic in it and allow it to turn black. Once it has cooled you can put a few drops into your ear.

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