How to cure Age spots?

Age spots are also known as liver spots or solar lengtigines and have very little to do with the aging process. These spots generally have the appearance of a flat gray brown or black. They appear in different sizes and usually occur in the face, hands arms and shoulders, as these are the areas most exposed to the sun. The age spots are most commonly seen on older adults but can appear on younger people as well.

They are not dangerous and do not need any form of treatment. However for cosmetic purposes they can be made to look lighter by using skin bleaching products. However the best way to prevent the appearance of age spots in the first place is to avoid overexposing your self to the sun in the first place and using a proper sunscreen. If the spots are not too dark and large, you can try using an over the counter skin bleach cream that contains hydroquinone. But in the end prevention is better than cure and the best way to avoid age spots is too make sure to wear a good sunscreen lotion with a high sun protection factor. Also wearing clothing that covers the most exposed parts of your body will also help.

answered by M W

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