What causes mumps? How to cure them

Root Causes of Mumps and Natural Treatments
Mumps - medically referred to as epidemic parotitis - is a condition that arises when the salivary glands (also known as the parotid glands) have swollen and also cause discomfort and pain. Mumps can also lead to swelling of the testicles and in some cases, rash might also be noticed on the skin. While mumps merely leads to bulky necks in children, in adults it can also lead to complications such as infertility. Mumps may also be accompanied by spells of fever and throbbing annoying headaches. The swelling of the salivary glands makes chewing a herculean task as you have to bear the pain near the lower jaw as you crunch on your food.

A common treatment followed to relieve pain in such cases is the application of ice or heat around the areas affected by the viral disease. You can also mix salt in some warm water and use this water to gargle frequently. In addition, you also need to switch to soft foods and drink a lot of water to speed up recovery. All this aside, remember to stay away from fruit juices or food that's termed as acidic. This is because fruit juices and acidic foods do stimulate the parotid glands and swollen as they are, such stimulation will only hurt you all the more.

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