Hemoptysis Or Coughing Blood: I am having loose cough with small amounts of blood since 2 weeks, what can be the reason for this?

Coughing up blood - a condition medically termed as hemoptysis - can be an indication of several diseases. When you cough up blood, it might tend to appear bubbly. This is because coughed up blood is more often than not mixed with mucus and air. Hemoptysis might be a sign that bronchitis is all set to devour your lungs. It could also be a symptom of tuberculosis. in addition to this, hemoptysis can also be a warning sign indicating the presence of a blood clot deep down in the lungs. Laryngitis also uses this condition as a symptom of its presence or to indicate its worsening rapidly. the presence of blood in the cough might also indicate cancer.

However, before you run away all panicked and worried, remember that you can also cough up blood if you happen to be coughing violently. So, first try to deal with the cough by using cough suppressants. Clear the throat by resorting to salt water gargles and by the intake of herbal tea mixed with honey or lavender. You might also want to try tea mixed with comfrey or slippery elm. Lavender, comfrey, and slippery elm are known to soothe the throat and clear it up as well. But, if the cough still prevails and the blood too keeps reminding you of its presence, please do fix an appointment with your family physician.

answered by G R

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