I have started to feel some pulsations around my left upper abdomen about two inches away from the apical impulse area. What could be the problem?

The pulsations that you describe in the left upper abdomen are symptomatic of a number of conditions. Some of these conditions are quite serious and it is imperative that you visit your general physician at the earliest for a thorough and accurate diagnosis. While it could be something as minor as a dietary influence that could be solved with a dietary change, it could be something as serious as abdominal aortic aneurysm. Your doctor would be able to use doppler ultrasound or CT scans to give you an accurate diagnosis.Pulsations and feeling of pulsations in the area are however not uncommon as the aorta, iliac artery and renal artery are all in the area.

The pulsations could also be caused by protruding or bulging abdominal veins that could be caused by either some diseases or as a side effect of medication. Some causes would include blood vessel disorders, acute pancreatitis, an ovarian cyst or a kidney tumour.The part of the abdomen in question houses the spleen, portions of the large intestines and the stomach, part of the pancreas, left lower ribs, the left kidney and muscles. The heart is also located just above this point. So problems with any of these organs would also cause disturbances and show symptoms in the region.

answered by G R

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