Causes and treatment for ringing ears

Ringing in the ear can be caused by many different health problems. But the primary and main reason for ringing in the ears is the damage to any part of the ear, especially to the inner ear. Any form of tinnitus, any form of ear cancer, or even something simple like an ear infection any of these reasons can cause dizziness and ringing of the ears. Ringing of the ears means you will hear what you think are strange sounds like buzzing, humming, clicking or whining. The dizziness can make the sounds difficult to bear and affect movement

Constant ringing in the ears is caused by many factors and it will depend which condition is causing the ringing. Ringing of the ears can also be caused by age-related hearing loss, neck and head injuries, thyroid disorders, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease and even a vitamin B12 deficiency. Tinnitus, another cause of the ringing in the ears and dizziness, is often caused by repeated exposure to loud sounds which causes damage to parts of the inner ear leading to ringing of the ears. Chronic sinusitis or perpetual colds can also cause ringing in the ears. One of the common causes is also Meniere's disease which is a disease of the inner ear which causes tinnitus. There are some drugs like aspirin quinine that can use hearing loss and ringing of the ears. Even consumption of alcohol and smoking can increase your chance of tinnitus.

You can stop ringing in the ears naturally. We will tell you how to stop ringing in the ears with some basic treatment. The treatment for constant ringing of ears or ringing in one's ear along with the dizziness is usually simple. Keep your immune system strong to avoid attacks of dizziness. Controlling your stress will ensure unnecessary things will not affect you. One home remedy to tinnitus is removing ear wax by putting drops of mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide or glycerin in the ear. Wash your ear lightly after this, even drying it with a hair dryer. Repeat this a few times and ringing should stop. But it is important that you are not rough or harsh or jerky when you do this. You don't want to damage your ear further.

You can also use aromatherapy to ease the ringing in your ears. These essential oils can be massaged or even inhaled in a steam. Some of the oils that give some relief are rose, cypress, lemon and rosemary. You can also up your intake of manganese, potassium and magnesium to reduce the chances of ringing and further infections. Eating foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and flavonoids also known to help. You can eat sardines, mussels, liver, eggs, meat and dairy. You should also avoid foods like fruits from the citrus family, cheese, beer, chocolate and other fruits rich in sodium or fat including caffeine and sodas. Some herbs are also used with a varying degree of success like gingko bilboa and burdrock root. Onion juice and castor oil have also been known to prove beneficial.

Basic implants, surgery and counseling will help you cope with problems like tinnitus and Meniere's Disease if you are a severe case of it. If the ringing has been constant and continuous and it is affecting your motor capability, you should see a specialist or at least a doctor. Ringing in the ears can be accompanied with dizziness. The ringing can be in one ear at one time or there could be constant ringing in both ears. Along with dizziness, ringing in the ears can also appear with high blood pressure and temporary hearing loss.

answered by G M

  • Some people have benefited from putting 2-3 drops of clove oil in the affected ear.
  • I would suggest you to get yourself examined by a ear specialist (an otologist) or a ear, nose, and throat specialist (ENT surgeon) and seek his advice.
  • Also remember that stress aggravates tinnitus, various types of relaxation techniques are helpful
  • Hearing aids work for people with both tinnitus and decreased hearing. The aid picks up sounds from the environment which can reduce or eliminate ringing.
  • Tinnitus masker is worn like a hearing aid. It emits a low humming sound which is familiar and pleasant and masks out the ringing.
  • These are temporary measures hence finding a solution to the root cause are essential by consulting a specialist.

answered by P P

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