I use a lot of self tanners for my competitive profession, what is the best way to remove this from my skin once it starts to crack and come off

Self tans are the solution for a quick tan sans the headache of the Sun and the sweat that drips off your body as you lie there on the beach. However, the beauty with which the self tans adorn you turns a little ugly when it comes to washing the tans off. They just don't come off easily. Many a woman gives up half way through a wash as the tans just will not budge. If they do, they leave streaks all over the body. At times, they even cake up and form blotches all over leaving you with no option other than to grin and bear it all.

But don't fret. There are ways other than a simple wash to do away with these dyes. You can try exfoliation at home itself. Self tans paint your skin with pigments. When you exfoliate, you scrub the skin and this sloughs the skin cells off and brings off the self tan. To exfoliate, you need a bottle of baby oil and warm water. You also need a sugar scrub. Apply baby oil to your skin and bathe with warm water 25-35 minutes later. Next, use the sugar scrub for exfoliation. You can also use a wash cloth for this purpose. In addition, you can try using a lemon wedge. Rub the wedge all over the area and the tanned color starts to come off. Lastly, do remember to soak in warm water as often as you can. Such baths speed up the tan removal process.

answered by M W

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