What causes goiter? Why is it prevalent in women? What are the solutions? How can one avoid it?

Goiter is the medical condition in which the thyroid gland found at the back of the neck is swollen. The main reason for goiter is deficiency of iodine used by the thyroid gland for its secretions and it is aggravated by emotional or even physical stress. Since women often tend to ignore their diet, especially mothers and women from lower socio-economic backgrounds they are more susceptible to goiter than men. The hormonal changes during pregnancy can also lead to goiter as well as consumption of certain medications. The main symptoms of goiter include an incapability to concentrate for long periods, emotional disturbances including depression and irritability in addition to swelling of the thyroid gland. Incase of extreme swelling it can also lead to problems in swallowing food, respiration and in speaking.

Since the main cause for goiter is deficiency of organic iodine, the first step towards treating goiter naturally includes increasing the intake of organic iodine in your diet. Foods rich in iodine are carrots, turnips, onions, lettuce, watercress, garlic, tomatoes and cucumber. Fruits that contain iodine include strawberries, guavas, citrus fruits, egg yolks and seafood. You should avoid white sugar, white refined flour, processed and fried foods, pickles, red meats, caffeine and alcohol. You should also drink fresh fruit juices such as orange, pineapple and grape juice every few hours. After following this juice fast for 5 days you should follow a fast of fruits and milk, taking them after five hours. 30 ml of a decoction made with the bark of Bauhinia variegata tree should be had in the morning on an empty stomach. This is beneficial for treating goiter. Apart from eating watercress, you can also apply a paste of watercress over the affected region. This helps to reduce the swelling of the thyroid gland. Another way of reducing the swelling of the thyroid gland is applying a few warmed dandelion leaves on the affected area and bandaging it. You should do this for a period of 2 weeks till the condition improves. Similarly you can bandage the area with flex leaves, after applying a paste of warmed ground flex seeds. Consuming 1 tsp of swamp cabbage leaves juice with a few almonds twice a day is also beneficial in treating goiter. In addition to these simple home remedies, ensure that your bowels are flushed properly, taking a warm water enema if necessary. Finally you should rest and gradually introduce and increase the physical exercise after a period of two months.

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