My friend is 45 yrs old. She passes normal motions 4 to 5 times a day. She eats normally and at normal time. She has piles too but no pain or burning. How can she come to passing motions 1or max twice a day?

If your friend's stools are normal, it is probably fine for her to move her bowels 4 and 5 times a day, although this seems a bit unusual. Most people pass only one stool a day, but this is not really required. A person can be perfectly healthy and pass several stools in a day. Some people also have bowel movements less than once day, and this too is healthy; as long as the stools are normal and there is no constipation, straining, or any other complaints, frequency of passing stools in not an indication of health. Your friend should however consult with her doctor, just to be sure.

If your friend experiences no pain or burning, then it is also likely that she no longer has piles. Piles is usually a temporary condition, and in mild cases, if sufficient precautions are taken then the symptoms ease and the swelling and inflammation also reduce within a short time. However, your friend should be careful not to lapse into old, unhealthy habits, if these were the cause of her piles initially. Constipation or diarrhea and excessive straining are common causes of piles, and these are usually due to a poor diet and a lack of exercise.

answered by G R

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