My son is 5 years old. He was pre maturely born. What home remedy should make him smart and mature according to his age?

Advice for premature babies 

There is no scientific proof that a child should not be smart according to his age if he was born prematurely. This concept is a myth, and it is very important for you to know this. Mostly, children who are prematurely born catch up with their peers in every way except, possibly size, by the time they complete the first year of their lives. Exceptions would include premature babies who were born with less than about three pounds of body weight and have survived. In certain cases, babies who are born with that little body weight tend to remain smaller, and it is also quite likely that their brain size remains smaller for the duration of their lives.

If your baby was born with this particular condition, then you would have to be patient with the child, instead of trying to push him to perform better. It may not always be possible for these children to perform as well as their peers. It would also be easier for both you and your son to adjust to his condition if you both took counselling, which will properly guide you on how to cope with and accept whatever shortcomings your child may be facing.

answered by G R

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