How to repair a cracked molar?

It is always traumatic when your tooth cracks during your adult life. In addition to the discomfort caused by having a cracked tooth, you may find that you are self conscious about having a cracked tooth. However, there is no need to despair. With advanced technology, there is no doubt that a good dentist should be able to help you repair your cracked tooth.

Most people do develop cracks in the enamel of their teeth. These are usually vertical cracks. In most cases these cracks are painless. What is interesting is that these vertical cracks are caused because of our eating habits. Very often we switch with no apparent thought between a hot food item and a cold one. It is this sudden switch that causes the appearance of a crack. You can try to regulating your eating habits in order to develop healthy teeth. Avoid eating sugary things. Instead you should eat salads, fruits and juices without any added extra sugar. Smoking can also harm the teeth and should be avoided. Massaging your teeth regularly will keep them looking shiny and white. Regular gargling with warm salt water will help you too. A diet that comprises salads, fruits, whole wheat bread, will help you keep your teeth looking fit and healthy.

answered by G M

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