Please Suggest Tips to Reduce triglycerides

In order to reduce your triglycerides, it is important to understand how triglycerides are created in your body. When we consume too many carbohydrates in our daily diet, they produce excess glucose in the body. This is then sent to the liver to be distributed to the rest of the body as glycogen. Once the body has as much glycogen as it needs, it is sent back to the liver, where it gets converted to triglycerides, which are also known as fat. The more the fat content in your body, the more slushy your blood becomes, and fat causes blockage in the arteries. This in turn becomes responsible for heart diseases. A person with high cholesterol and high triglycerides is more liable to be a heart patient than a person who does not have these deposits.

The crux of this explanation is that in order to reduce triglycerides, you need to be on a diet that is low in fat and carbohydrates. It is absolutely essential to stay away from processed and refined foods. Margarine, cream, fried food, sweets and food made with refined flour are all taboo. You should include fibre, fruits and vegetables to your diet instead. Green leafy vegetables and foods rich in vitamin C are the best thing, since they have anti-oxidant abilities which can guard against heart trouble. You should also increase amounts of garlic in your cooking, and try to cook with olive oil as and when you can. It is also important that you put in at least 20 minutes of exercise in your daily routine, as this will help to burn excess fat in the body.

answered by G M

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