Alkaline Water and Human Body

Curative Effects of Alkaline Water

We all are aware of the universal fact that water plays an essential role in building healthy body, mind and spirit. It is one of the highly considered factors when it comes to having a healthy and vibrant living. Human bodies comprise of 70% water and human blood comprises of 94% water.

Doctors and health advisers recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water everyday but the water we are drinking today is more polluted and acidic, thereby causing harm to our internal body system. Not only the water we drink, most of the foods we eat also create acids in our internal system, thereby increasing the demand for alkaline water to neutralize the acid.

Acidic wastes are dumped into the blood stream and are further transported to kidney and liver for detoxification. This creates an over-acidic environment that greatly hampers the functioning of normal body activities including the brain and heart. Acid water further becomes a favorite spot for micro-organisms, virus, fungus and bacteria. To combat these harmful micro-organisms and germs, alkaline water is beneficial. Alkaline water is mainly required to maintain an optimal health and energy.

Alkaline water also serves as an electrochemical conductor that regulates various cell activities and keeps your body hydrates. This further keeps you healthy, energetic and vibrant.

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