Stomach Virus Treatment: What can i take at home for stomach cramping due to a stomach virus

Have you seen a doctor who has confirmed that your cramps are due to a stomach virus? Even a knot in your muscles can cause a cramp in the stomach. The first thing you need to do is to confirm if your cramps are indeed being caused by a virus before you begin any kind of treatment.

For your cramps you can try relaxing your body. Lie down in a comfortable position and try to let your muscles relax. You can hold a hot water bottle to soothe the knotted stomach. Try to avoid other positions that will result in straining your muscles. Another thing that you can remember for the future is that you should always chew your food, and eat food slowly. Don't gulp and swallow in a hurry. It would be safer to avoid eating or drinking anything if you are suffering from stomach cramps.  Even your favourite fizzy drink, or a cup of hot tea or coffee can worsen your situation.

If you are certain that you do have a stomach virus, then you can flushing it out of your stomach by drinking plenty of water. You can also drink carrot juice throughout the day. If your cramps are really bad, then it is probably advisable to stay off solid foods. If the pain persists, it is certainly advisable to visit the doctor.

answered by M W

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