Need some home remedies for abscess in sinus and also in the ear canals.

  • Keep the skin clean, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. This will help in the cure and prevention of skin abscesses. The idea is to enhance the immune system and improve its strength to ward off infections that cause skin abscesses.
  • The use of herbs in a combined form or applied separately are an effective natural remedy in treating abscesses. The herbs are put into a poultice to treat abscesses. Some of the herbs that are valuable in this treatment are, marshmallow root, slippery elm and comfrey.
  • Certain vegetables juices are also used for the treatment of abscesses. A warm poultice made of mashed boiled turnips or raw carrots are known to be highly effective.
  • The use of Eucalyptus oil as an external application is considered beneficial.
  • An application of onion juice is also remedial.
  • A well known remedy in the treatment of skin abscess is to apply warm compress to the area. This can also be done by applying hot packs or by soaking in a hot bath. This is particularly effective as it improves the blood circulation. It draws white blood cells to the affected skin surface and helps repair the body's ability to ward off the allergy or infection that has caused the abscesses.

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