I want to gain weight. My height is 147 cm but I weigh only 30.5 kg.

Following are some home remedies that will help in gaining weight:

  • Muskmelon is known for its effectiveness as a natural treatment for weight gain. Eat muskmelons at least two or three times in a day for a month.
  • Go on a mango-milk diet for about 40 days. Eat a couple of mangoes, followed by a glass of milk. Consume one or two medium sized mangoes 2-3 times in a day. Mango is a rich source of sugar and milk is full of proteins. Mango does not have the necessary proteins to meet the needs of the body, where as milk is deficient in fats. Hence it is advisable to blend milk with mango to get maximum benefits.
  • Figs are considered valuable as a home remedy for those who are underweight. Soak 3 -3 dry figs in water and eat it two to three times in a day.
  • You can go for a complete milk diet, for quick results. When you are on an exclusive milk diet, milk has to be taken in every couple of hours.
  • Raisins serve as an effective remedy for putting on weight. Consume thirty grams of raisins daily for a few months.

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