I am of 21 years of old. I have many grey hairs in my head for about 5 to 6 years. Please suggest some remedies. Please answer me very quickly.

Try the following simple home remedies to prevent grey hair -

  • Boil one cup strong black tea strain and apply on the scalp when little warm. Leave it on the hair for an hour and rinse with plain water without using a soap or shampoo.
  • Massage your hair using coconut oil and lemon every alternate day; this is a very effective remedy to avoid premature gray strands.
  • Use natural home made shampoo and conditioner for this soak about 10 pods of sapindus mucorosai and half the amount of acacia concinna in water. Boil it next day morning and use the water as shampoo. Similarly soak 10 dried pieces of indian gooseberry at night, next day morning boil it and use as a conditioner.
  • Make a paste using fresh indian gooseberry and apply this on the scalp one hour before washing the hair. This is also a very effective remedy to prevent grey hair.
  • Avoid any kind of emotional stress and try to stay mentally relaxed.

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answered by Dr S

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