What is a natural cure for cysts on the scalp?

The outgrowths that appear on the scalp are generally sebaceous cysts also known as epidermal cysts. Clogging of the sebaceous glands on the scalp is known to result in the formation of these cysts.

Some of the home remedies for cysts on scalp are listed as under:

  • The application of hot compresses on the cysts can provide immense relief from the discomfort that this condition causes. Boil a tea bag and after it cools a bit place it on the cyst with the help of a cotton swab on it to keep it stable.
  • Before going to bed apply a slice of potato on the cyst, covering the slice with a bandage. This will extract the sebum from the cyst thus treating the condition.
  • You can also try applying a blend of lime powder and rosewater to the cysts.
  • Another popular natural treatment for cysts on scalp is to consume a lot of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. The anti-oxidants present help in treatment of the cysts.
  • Proper fluid intake will help in the prevention and treatment of cysts.

It is important to allow medical intervention when treating cysts on the scalp, especially if the home remedies for cysts on scalp do not show positive results.

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How can infected sebaceous cyst be treated?

Sebaceous cysts, also known as epidermal cysts are caused by clogging of sebaceous glands. Sebaceous cysts are common in those parts of the body that have extensive hair growth, , such as the scalp and the pubic region. Sebaceous cysts are generally less painful and disappear in due course of time. However, at times the cysts become large and get infected with microbes causing redness, pain and tenderness in the region. The following home remedies could be used in the treatment for infected sebaceous cyst:

  • Application of a paste of lime powder in water can help remove the pus in the cysts bringing relief to the condition to a great extent. Rosewater can also be added to the paste, to make it more effective.
  • You can apply tea tree essential oil (diluted with olive oil) on the cyst to treat the infection. Tea tree oil is antibacterial and antifungal in nature which works well to get rid of infections.
  • An effective sebaceous cyst treatment at home is to place a boiled tea bag on the cyst and apply a hot compress on it. The tea bag helps to extract sebum and pus from the cyst.
  • To avoid cyst and improve the body's immunity drink plenty of water and consume a healthy diet.

Medical intervention would be required in case the home treatment for the infected sebaceous cyst does not bear fruit.

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Difference between a boil and infected sebaceous cyst and their cures?

Sebaceous cysts are caused by clogging of sebaceous glands which appear red and are like tender fluid-filled sacs. On the other hand, boils are caused by the entry of staphylococcus bacteria in the blood stream which enter the body through cuts and bruises. The primary difference between a boil and a cyst is known mainly by their causes. Though the boil cyst difference can be difficult to tell that are similar home remedies used when it comes to infected sebaceous cyst treatment as well as boil treatment.

  • One of the most effective home remedies to treat infected sebaceous cyst is to apply potato extract on it. Infected sebaceous cyst treatment can also be done by using hot compresses on the cysts.
  • To treat boils, one should consume foods that are rich in vitamin A such as beetroot, spinach and sweet potatoes as well as zinc rich foods like oysters and sunflower seeds. The application of garlic paste and turmeric also helps in the treatment of boils as garlic has very effective and strong antibacterial properties. Drinking vegetable juices prevents boils and helps boost immunity of the body.

Consult a dermatologist in case the condition gets does not heal or seems to worsen.

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What causes cysts on ovaries?

Ovarian cysts appear as fluid-filled sacs that are typically caused by an erroneous menstrual cycle. During ovulation egg cells are released in the woman's body. If there is no pregnancy, the egg and uterine lining is excreted through the vagina. However there is a possibility that the follicle may turn hard with or without the egg cells leading to ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts are usually harmless but there are possibilities of it becoming being cancerous.

Ovarian cysts are of various types yet they can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Simple cysts: Simple cysts on the ovaries are generally empty, have hardened follicles and are considered to be gentle and non-cancerous. A simple cyst on the ovary can be easily treated with proper medical care.
  • Complex cysts: Complex cysts on the ovaries contain solid or fluid substances that might hinder the regular menstrual cycle. Complex cyst on the ovary is known to be cancerous thus it is vital to consult a gynecologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Ovarian cysts are common in women and they are usually developed during the menstrual cycle. Women are advised to consult a gynecologist for a thorough check up of the ovarian cysts and treat the cyst if diagnosed.

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