Home remedies for vaccine pain in babies

Receiving a series of vaccine shots during infancy is an inevitable part of every parent's duty, in order to ensure that their children have a safe, healthy future. These shots are no doubt painful to the infant and also end up causing some amount of emotional uneasiness to the parent. However, the pain is only temporary, and the use of some simple behavioral techniques both during and after the vaccination process is usually enough to calm and soothe your infant. You can distract your infant by singing a song that he or she responds positively to or by gently rocking him/her.

You could also calm your baby down by getting him/her to look at some interesting object in the room, such as a toy or a colorful picture. These are common tactics that you quite certainly already use when your baby is upset. These tactics help distract the infant from the pain during the vaccination shot and make it easier for the nurse or doctor to administer the shot.

Maintaining skin to skin contact with the child by holding him/her both during and after the vaccination process also helps decrease the amount of sudden shock felt. After the vaccination shot has been given, using a pacifier dipped in sugar water or breastfeeding helps a great deal in making the child feel comfortable.

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