Pink & Red Heavy Vaginal Bleeding After Uterus Removal (Complete Hysterectomy)

This is a normal phenomenon within about eight to ten weeks of the hysterectomy. If it goes on for longer than that, however, you need to consult the gynecologist who operated upon you. It is also important to note that after a hysterectomy, the nature of vaginal discharge changes considerably. In many cases it becomes discolored as opposed to white or transparent. Sometimes, it is also dark brown or reddish in color. However, whether these colorations and changes are normal or not will be determined by a doctor who is well aware of your case history. Depending on the color or nature of the discharge, it could also be an infection that appeared post-surgery. However, there is a window period for this occurrence too, and if it happens out of the window period, then it is possible that you need some medical follow up advice and procedures. Depending on the acidity and odor of the discharge, it could indicate a kind of bladder injury or trauma caused during or even after the operation.

The best possible advice on this question would be that if you have exceeded eight weeks post operatively, you need to visit your gynecologist and ask what needs to be done to minimize any further risk or complication.

answered by G M

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