Why does my head itch, I do not have dandruff and scalp is not marked in any way, but one side of head is very itchy?

Often, you will find that your scalp itches even when you are convinced that you do not have dandruff. There could be several reasons to account for this. Itchy scalp can be caused by some imbalance in your system or by some kind of infection that you have. It may also be caused by the shampoo or conditioner that you use. Most of the products that you find today, are actually very harsh on your hair. Instead of helping the problem they only result in assaulting your hair and scalp. Try to find a gentle shampoo that will ease your problem instead of aggravating it. You can soothe your scalp by ensuring that you use only lukewarm water to wash it.

Washing it too often is not a good idea. Massaging some warm oil into your scalp will provide wonderful relief. Both olive oil and warm coconut oil have been known to provide relief. Margosa has long been proven as a cure for all problems related to your hair and scalp. If you can find margosa oil, then use it on your scalp. You will find that the itching is reduced.

You can protect your hair and scalp from the elements by sporting a hat or covering it with a scarf when you go out.

answered by G M

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