How do I stop scalp itch?

An itchy scalp is often felt by almost all people at some points in their and is often a very common compliant which normally happens due to a numerous amount of reasons. Though the most likely reason for an itchy scalp is; a dry scalp. This is normally caused due a drop in the levels of production of natural lubricants that are secreted by the sebaceous glands present in the scalp. The result is a dry feeling and this causes tendency for people to scratch their heads often will no respite from the irritation. Therefore as the irritation continues; the person scratches more and more and sometimes can cause damage to the skin causing it to bleed and thus making matters worse. The completely opposite of this a scalp that is too oily, which causes the appearance of dandruff and also cause an itching sensation. This oily scalp is due the over production of the natural oils by the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Both of these causes are likely to lead to an itchy scalp of which the first reason; a dry scalp is more common.

Normally the causes of a dry itchy scalp are following a poor diet, normally a lack of vitamin B, zinc, and vitamin C, and iron, a lack of protein in ones diet or the over consumption of vitamin A. Another factor related to itching and even hair loss sometimes is too much stress and anxiety. Low levels of hair hygiene will also cause a scalp to go dry as will over exposure to environmental conditions that are dry or arid such as a cold winter or sitting too long in an air-conditioned room over a long period of time. Even the use of shampoos that contain harsh chemicals will end up drying out all the natural oils from your scalp and cause it to go dry. Therefore if you have any of these problems then the best remedy you can use is to make sure you eat a proper diet, clean and moisturize your hair regularly and avoid overexposure of your head to harsh elements. If the problem of your scalp itching refuses to go away in spite of the trying these preventive measures then you may have to consider investing in a anti-fungal shampoo.

answered by M W

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