I have a fibroid in the inner wall of uterus and am on homeopathy since 3 months. Bleeding is excessively heavy with lot of clots. I am very anemic due to this. Are there any home remedies for shrinking or dissolving the fibroid?? Thnks

Fibroid alternative cures 

A fibroid is a growth in the uterus. Fibroids are fairly common among women who have crossed the age of forty.  The exact reason for the development of fibroids in the uterus has not been discovered yet.  Women who have a fibroid in their uterus generally complain of symptoms like  a pain in the lower back, a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, pain during menstruation and problems with passing stools.  

You can help reduce the fibroid by ensuring that you do some exercise regularly. It has been found that a regular exercise regime helps shrink the fibroid. Eating whole grains and even beans too can help reduce the fibroid. You should eat food that is rich in iron. In addition to eating beans, you should eat nuts, cereals, green leafy vegetables and ensure that you cook in an iron pan.  Using a castor oil pack on your stomach will help shrink the fibroid. Heat some castor oil. Dip a cloth in this, squeeze excess oil and apply the towel on the stomach. Leave it on for some time. You can also boil some pieces of ginger in a pot of water. After you have turned off the heat, dip  a towel  in the water and apply on your stomach.

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