Health advice on scurvy

Scurvy is a condition that is caused because the amount of Vitamin C  that you are eating is simply not enough for your body. Bleeding gums are the first indication of scurvy. Extreme tiredness, aches in the joints and pain in the muscles are other symptoms of scurvy.

People suffering from scurvy do not have any kind of bugs burrowing into their skins. They simply suffer because of the deficiency of Vitamin C. People who are unable to eat fresh fruit and vegetables on a regular basis are usually the ones who are affected by this condition.    

If your diet has not included fresh fruit and vegetables for some time now, then that probably explains your scurvy. You must also be experiencing pains in the joints. You must have noticed that you often feel tired and ache all over the body. If you have suffered some kind of injury you may have been surprised to notice that it took ages to heal. Your gums must have become loose. And now your teeth must have begun to show signs of having become loose. The easiest remedy for this condition is to increase the intake of foods containing a high percentage of Vitamin C. You can also drink lemon juice at least twice a day.

answered by G M

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