Are Bing cherries good for gout?

Is there any particular reason why you ask about Bing cherries specifically? There are several foods that seem to decrease the incidence of gout or help ease the condition to some extent. However, at least one recent study has found indications that Bing cherries in particular help to lower uric acid levels and ease the symptoms of gout.

The central problem in gout is high levels of uric acid, which result in a build up of uric acid crystals in the patient's joints. This causes inflammation and pain of the joints, the two main symptoms experienced by gout sufferers. The foods that help tackle these symptoms and reduce gout attacks primarily work by getting rid of excess uric acid in the body. Besides Bing cherries (and other cherries too), celery extracts help reduce levels of uric acid. In addition, dairy products seem to decrease the incidence of gout. Daily intake of Vitamin C also seems to help in excreting excess uric acid.

You should also drink plenty of water. At the same time, as you are probably aware, there are several foods that you should avoid. Meat products (in particular red meat, but including fish) and alcohol (in particular beer) should be avoided.

answered by G M

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