I have dandruff, hairloss and suffering from low vision sight. Please suggest some home remedies?

While dandruff is connected to hair loss, shortsightedness (correctly termed as 'myopia') seems to be an unrelated problem. We will first deal with the vision issue. Low vision is different from shortsightedness. Nearsightedness is the condition wherein, while trying to discern distant objects, one's vision appears to blur or one has to squint. It is usually accompanied by eyestrain and in some cases, even headaches. It is imperative that you visit an ophthalmologist who will test your vision. You cannot take chances with your eyesight. There are a number of foods that are believed to aid with the strengthening of one's vision. The most commonly known solution is carrots. The link between carrots and eyesight has been propounded for years now. Celery is also thought to be beneficial. Asparagus and avocados are alternatives that are supposed to help with eyesight problems. Basic green leafy vegetables are the solution to myriad problems. Dark chocolate is a delicious option which helps improve vision. Cold-water fish has also been recommended. Remember that you don't have to be saddled with glasses or even contact lenses. Science has come up with a number of procedures to help you regain or in other cases correct your eyesight. For instance, you have corneal rings which are a permanent solution.

Hair loss can be directly attributable to dandruff. This appears to be the main cause in your case. Dandruff is nothing but the elimination of skin cells from your body. Basically, your body is shedding. The problem of dandruff arises when this process goes haywire. You shed more than normal due to this. The skin on your scalp simply dies and then starts to flake. This causes itchiness. You have countless anit-dandruff shampoos available today. There are special medical ones aimed at users with a serious dandruff problem. Try to opt for shampoos that aren't too harsh. Although chemical ones can be effective, it's suggested that you opt for natural shampoos at first. You can try the chemical ones next to pick something most effective. You might want to try peppermint oil. A couple of drops of this in your regular shampoo can help. Try it in your other hair care products. Lather two times. Massage your scalp at the time of shampooing. Conditioners should help. Remember to opt for a wide rather than a regular tooth comb when combing. If you solve the problem of dandruff, you should be able to maintain a healthy growth of hair.

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When excessive dead skin cells are shed from the scalp, it is known as dandruff. A small amount of dandruff in most people is normal and in fact very common. However, some individuals experience a remarkably large amount of flaking from the scalp, which is often accompanied by redness and scalp irritation. This condition is sometimes chronically or it is triggered by certain situations. Dandruff can be easily treated with some simple home remedies and also by using specialized shampoos. Soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and then grind them into a smooth paste the next morning. Apply this paste all over your scalp and allow to it remain for 30 minutes. Wash your properly using a soap-nut solution or shampoo. In addition, just before you finish bathing, give your hair a final rinse with fresh lime juice. This will remove any traces of stickiness from your hair.

Dandruff is not likely to cause hair loss. The main causes of hair loss are a lack of vitamins and essential nutrients in your diet. If you have a severe deficit of vitamin B6 and folic acid, you are more likely to lose hair and perhaps become completely bald as well. In addition, if you are suffering from worry, shock, or any other kind of stress, you might suffer hair loss. You must first stabilise your diet and your stress levels to avoid any more hair loss. You can also massage coconut oil into your scalp because it nourishes the hair and promotes growth. Grind pieces of liquorice in milk and mix in a little saffron. Apply this paste over bald patches on your head before going to sleep.

The first step to curing short-sightedness is to check with a qualified doctor. Once it is confirmed that you are indeed myopic, you can get a set of glasses to help you see better. Eye exercises and increasing your intake of vitamin A can help you improve your vision. Hence you should increase your intake of foods such as spinach, tomatoes, fresh milk, and dates. You can also triphala, an ayurvedic medicine, and the herb chicory to help you see better.

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