How to treat blood in urine due to injuries from falling?

The presence of blood in urine is known as Hematuria and your condition caused due to injury to the urinary system may not be a hug problem as it may heal over time. However, you would still need a medical professional to determine the exact nature.

Cranberry juice in any form be it as fresh berries, in jelled form, as capsules, or, as a juice, rate amongst the top home remedies as an indispensable norm of treatment. A herb, called 'uva ursi', is also effective in combating urinary problems. If you suffer from inflammation, parsley leaves are most beneficial in reducing rubor while. Horsetail which a popular folk remedy for stalling bleeding in the urinary tract has been hailed over the ages to be an effective herb. It also promotes the flow of normal urine.

Vitamins A and C also assist greatly in cell unity, ramping up resistance to the intrusions of harmful bacteria, steps up the acidity in urine, and, in general, improves the immune system. A large quantity of vitamin C, than what the typical diet would comprise, is critical, as to crucially sustain the level of acidity, in acidulating the urine. Therefore, a supplement of Vitamin C derived from a natural source, in the capacity of 2000 mgs should be had at regular intervals of 250 mg at short intervals.

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