White tongue causes

White tongue is basically a temporary and harmless inflammation of papillae on the tongue surface. Bacteria, dead cells and other debris get lodged or stuck between the inflamed papillae and often results in a white coating over the tongue. This white coating appears is clinically termed as white tongue.

Anything that can stimulate, trigger or contribute to the inflammation of papillae can cause white coating on the tongue. There are many possible causes of white tongue. The most common causes are oral candidiasis, jaundice and keratosis pharyngis. Many people are allergic to certain food substances and antibiotics. These often cause harm to the tongue, resulting in a white coating. Debauch is another possible cause of white tongue.

Some people who are habituated to smoking and alcohol hamper their own health. Smoking and alcohol are major contributors to papillae inflammation, potentially, resulting in white tongue. Mild dehydration and excessive mouth breathing is also believed to inflame tongue papillae and cause white tongue.

The causes of white tongue are not restricted to certain health diseases or infections. Even HIV, hairy tongue, lupus, immune deficiency, leukoplakia and oral lichen planus can also cause white tongue.

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