I am only 19yrs old but I am experiencing frequent numbness in both hands and my right toe as well.

Causes of numbness in hands and toes

Numbness can be caused by many different factors, but as far as your hands are concerned, one possibility is excessive computer use. If this is the case, then the numbness in your right toe is of course unrelated, and may simply be due to ill fitting shoes. However, long hours at the computer may strain your hands too much, and occasional numbness may be one of the first signs of this. If you use the computer a lot, be sure to take frequent breaks. Get up at least once every half hour, and walk around for at least a couple of minutes. Stretch and flex the muscles of your entire body, but particularly your hands and arms. In addition, it will be good for you to exercise your body in general, either by playing some sports or engaging in some form or physical workout. This will also improve blood circulation, so even if overuse or strain is not the cause of your numbness, poor blood circulation may be.

If these measures do not solve your problem, you should visit a doctor for a complete check up and diagnosis. Diabetes is one possibility — although it is unlikely to affect you at your age, it is not impossible. 

answered by G R

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