What to do if vaginal passage is coming down & getting loosen. Its also difficult to hold on to urine?

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It is not clear from your description exactly what the problem is, apart from the difficulty in holding on to your urine. There is no known condition or medical problem that involves the vagina or vaginal area become "loose" or drooping. Perhaps you are examining yourself too closely and worrying about something that is entirely normal. Also with age, the skin and tissues in our body lose their elasticity and tone. Depending on your age, this might be the case. If you still feel that there is something abnormal with your vaginal area, you should visit your doctor or gynecologist for an examination.

Urinary incontinence - the condition in which a person is unable to control urination - is usually due to some other underlying problem. Again, age may be a factor here, but age by itself is not a cause for this condition. Causes include a condition such as Alzheimer's Disease, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, tumors, and nerve injuries. There is no home remedy or even medical treatment that can be given until the cause of the incontinence is determined. Most of the conditions mentioned will have other symptoms as well. You should therefore visit your doctor, who will perform a thorough check up and investigation of all your symptoms before recommending a course of action.

answered by G R

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