How can you cure ear swelling

Here are a few home remedies to cure swollen ears

  • Wash some basil leaves in water. Rinse the leaves and grind it until you have extracted some juice. Put 2 -3 drops in the ear three times in a day.
  • Apply a warm compress on the swollen ear. Use a warm cloth or a heating pad or.
  • Most commonly a swollen ear is because of an ear infection. Consume Vitamin C rich foods to boost your immune system. Increase the intake of foods rich in zinc.
  • Take 3-4 cloves of Garlic immerse them in some water and bring it to boil. Mash the softened garlic and add a pinch of salt. Wrap this paste in a clean cotton cloth and place it on the swollen ear.
  • Another remedy using garlic is to put a few drops of garlic juice in the affected ear. The antibiotic qualities present in garlic help in the healing process.
  • Avoid dairy products like milk, cheese and butter. The intake of these foods tends to aggravate ear infections.

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